The Laura Lamn Library is an online catalogue of my unreleased works and a membership community.

Every month a new *Song Journal* gets uploaded to the Library for you to listen and enjoy.


A Song Journal is the musical equivalent of an artists sketchbook.  You will get to hear the songs raw and fresh, works in progress. As well as the recorded music, I will be also be sharing the origin story and inspiration for the song, and creating lyric sheets.

Why did I create the Library?

Because of the restraints of time and money, 90% of my music doesn't ever get publicly released. The costs of professionally mixing, mastering and creating a release campaign around an album is expensive and time consuming. I want to give my community access to all my work, including behind the scenes and the creation process, and to document everything I make.

How does it work?

The Library is a subscription service, like Netflix or Patreon. For a small monthly fee my community can access all my works. When you become a member of the Library you get to enjoy my secret world of music, and your support means that I can make more for you to enjoy, A positive upward spiral! The Library is organised into rooms, and depending on your membership tier you will get access to different rooms.

Tell me more about the rooms?
There are currently 3 rooms in the Library: 

The Song Room - Listen to the Song Journals
The 360 Song Room - Dive deeper into the music with origin stories, song teaches and lyrics.
The Meditation - Take part in a guided meditation and journey for reflection and insight 

How can I join?

To find out more and to get your Library card for as little as £3.30 Click here

How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime by visiting My Subscriptions

Will you be working on any more public releases or albums?

In the future I would love to make another album, but for now I will be quietly adding to the Library. Because of your support of the Library, this will enable future work to be made and released.