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Kambo - July 2022

This song was inspired by the Monkey Tree Frog and it's healing secretion.


Come Back Stronger - June 2022

This song is about overcoming challenge!


Closer - May 2022

These two songs demonstrate my first attempt at mixing. I studied LNA's Ableton course on Skillshare and had my first go at mixing my own tracks!


Dawn Chorus - April 2022

I wrote this song whilst walking around the fields and the woods in my village. I created my own interpretation for each bird's song and then layered them all together. The lyrics "when I breathe in, you breathe out" were inspired by the trees.


Let it Move - April 2022

Five Acapella songs that I wrote during the past year to process and transform the challenges of life. All difficulty in out inner or outer world is an opportunity to become a better and brighter version of ourselves.


Little Bunny - April 2022

Five Acapella songs that I wrote about and for my baby. These simple one line ditties and mantras carry me through the day and soothe me and little Bobby.

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