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Closer - May 2022

In this song journal I am happy to share with you two songs I mixed myself! I studied LNA's Ableton Class on Skillshare and I was equipped to have my first go!

In this song journal I'm typing up the story and inspiration for the songs rather than recording audio, which do you prefer? I'm working on building some kind of forum/comments area. In the meantime please send any feedback to you like the songs? Are you enjoying the Library? How does it make you feel?

CLOSER (written Feb 2022)

I wrote this song during the power cut after Storm Eunice. We were left in a powerless house for 3 days! No heating or electricity in the middle of winter. We camped out in the kitchen and used the gas hob for warmth. Whilst I still had some charge on my laptop I hid in the bathroom (I like the acoustics in a small room!) by candelight and got my recording gear out. I started with the hummed melody and then added the layers on top. I was reflecting on the fact that we were living "closer" to how we originally did with no artificial light. Although it was a cold and frustrating time, it was an amazing bonding experience for me and the Bobbies and I became "closer" to them. I quite enjoyed sleeping on the floor in the kitchen. One night I performed an acoustic guitar show by candlelight. 


CALL ON ME (written Feb 2021)

I wrote this song whilst I was heavily pregnant (Bobby arrived April 2021). I had felt mounting stress with Covid affecting my work. Being a performer and musician during Covid was awful. Everything had dried up, I attempted to pivot and did some teaching online, recording music and some art, but on a financial level it wasn't working. I woke up in the middle of the night having panic attacks on a number of occasions. I needed peace. I thought about Jesus. Marianne Williamson says that just saying his name brings peace. Can you feel it when you say his name? Say "Jesus" A sigh of relief. The great comforter. The holy spirit. A still centre. I recalled my favourite Bible verse;

"The Lord is my shepherd, shall not want; he makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters; he restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake."

The lyrics were inspired by this. Sometimes in the darkest time, when there is no practical solution to our problem, we need to find a spiritual solution and in the writing and the singing of this song I found just that.


This drawing of heron was inspired by a Beltane ceremony to connect with guidance from heron. There's a heron that visits the same pond as me, and they are such a graceful and captivating bird. Scroll down for the original drawings from my sketchbook...

Final thoughts on this Song Journal
Whilst putting this together it came to my attention that both of these songs were written in February, a year apart. The first in 2021 and then 2022.  It has made my heart swell up with happiness that I'm in a different place. In the February song in 2021 I'm calling out, I need help and in 2022 I'm getting closer. I'm so grateful for the transformation that continues on my journey of recovery. Hallelujah!

Scroll to the very bottom of the page for lyrics.



Getting Closer to Me

Getting Closer


Getting Closer to You

Getting Closer

Call on Me

Give me all your worries

and I'll lay 'em to rest

Tell me what's troubling you

And I'll clean up the mess

Whisper your hopes and dreams

They're mine too

Tell me what you really want

Together we'll make it come true

Call on Me

In your darkest hour

Call on Me

I'll give you back your love

I'll give you back your power

Forget all your stories

Let go of blame

Do you really want freedom?

You've got to drop all that shame

Stand in your glory

Start speaking your truth

I can see who you really are

Come on we've got mountains to move

Call on Me

In your darkest hour

Call on Me

I'll give you back your love

I'll give you back your power

Still still water

Green green grass

It's all here for you

You just have to ask


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