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Come Back Stronger - June 2022

Key : C
Tempo of Demo Recording : 105 bpm
Credits : Miriam Cox and Emily Ravenscroft for Harmony Composition

Story / Teaching Notes
This song is part of a collection of songs that I have been working on with two friends, Emily and Miriam. The three of us have formed a trio, and slowly working on a body of work. The song sounds so much better when their voices are included (I have plans to make a proper recording of all 3 of us, but for now this demo captures the song parts)
This song is about overcoming challenge. The first part of this song came to me at the end of a physio session. I’d been working on getting my body back to full strength and health post birth. Sing with defiance!
This song is really fun to build up in layers.


Come Back Stronger

I come back I come back stronger (repeat and layer)


I come back stronger

I stand up tall

I come back stronger

After the fall

They tried to bury me

They didn't know that I was a seed

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